Remembering Ramabai


As a token of appreciation of her goodness of heart, her nobility of mind and her purity of character, and also for the cool fortitude and readiness to suffer along with me which she showed in those friendless days of want and worries which fell to our lot.
-B. R. Ambedkar

Babasaheb dedicated the book “Thoughts of Pakistan” to his beloved (Ramu) Ramabai which was published in 1941 where he has shown his pain and love for Ramai how Ramai sacrificed her entire life for our society. They had five children – Yashwant, Gangadhar, Ramesh, Indu (daughter), and Rajratna. Apart from Yashwant (1912–1977), the other four died in their childhood. The couple never confined in so-called family, because they were aware if they looked into the family, they lost our society. It was Ramabai’s long-standing behind Babasaheb in his every move to establish an equal friendly community. We are because of Ramabai and Babasaheb and the immense sacrifices they have made.

Today we are grateful to Ramai and salutes the sacrifices equally with Babasaheb in all their activities and work for the liberation of the society and bringing to glory to India in the world.

  • Nirveda Odisha

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