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Used and Abused of Bahujan Labour: Exposing the State and Crocodile Tears of Political Classes

India has been an exploitative and violent nation for the oppressed i.e. the Shudra, Atishudra for ages, but the ongoing lockdown has exposed once again the hollow civilizational claim of India into that of the genocidal, exploitative and oppressive system. Antipathy towards the working class of Bahujan in the eyes of Hindus exposed their savagery of the system which is inbuilt in inequality, violence and oppression of the labouring masses. This entire system further produced a passive liberal who works in the interests of the ruling castes in India. The working class Bahujan lives and body is to be used and abused by these structures of Brahmanism known as a democratic system to build the cities, towns, and metropolis. Once this project gets over, their bodies have hardly any values, to be disposed of the way it is being disposed of in the current pandemic situation. Millions of destitute labouring classes walking in the dry road to thousands of kilometres to go back to their villages exposed the bloody exploitative urbanism in India where the entire economy, and institutions monopolised by Brahman and Baniya. Antipathy and lack of leadership in such a situation made more vulnerable the lives of these working-class populations.

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ଚାଲ ଆମେ କଲମ ଧରି
ଦୁନିଆକୁ ବଦଳେଇବା
ପେଟେ ଦାନା ଥାଉ ଅବା ନ ଥାଉ
ପାଠ ପଢି ଶିକ୍ଷିତ ହେବା ||

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Unknown Facts of Revolutionary Bhima Bhoi

Bhima Bhoi was the first one in modern Odisha history , who advocated the emancipation of women , and when other fellow baba/sanyasi of Joranda Gadi rejects the presence of women in the temple, Bhima Bhoi challenged this and left Joranda for ever and opened his Aashram /Mathas for women at Khaliapali ,Sonepur.

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ବୁଝଲେ ହେସି…ଜୁଝଲେ ନାଇ!

ତୋର ଲାଗି ବଲି କୋଟା ଦେଲେ ବାବା….
ଚାକରି କରବୁ ତୁଇ ଜାନି
ଭୋଟ କେ ତର୍ ବିକି ଖାଇ ନେଲୁ
ତାର୍ ତାକତ୍ କେବେ ନେଇ ଚିନ୍ହି…
ଗୁଲାମ୍ କେ ଗୁଲାମ୍ ହେଇ ଅଛୁ
କେବେ ମୁନୁଷ୍ ହେବୁ ନେଇ ଜାନି
ଵୁଝେଇ ବୁଝେଇ ତକେ କେତେ ଆର୍ ଵୁଝାମୁ
ଵୁଝଲେ ହେସି… ଜୁଝଲେ ନାଇଁ ।।

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ବିପ୍ଳବର ବହ୍ନି

ନିଝୁମ ରାତିରେ ଶୁଭେ
ଝିଙ୍କାରୀର ଝି ଝି ଶବ୍ଦ ।
ପାହାଡ଼ ଶିଖରରୁ ଭାସି ଆସେ
ବାରୁଦର ଗନ୍ଧ ।
ଆଖିରେ ଆଗରେ ଝଳସେ
ଦେବାଳୟରେ ବଳାତ୍କାର
ହେଇଥିବା କୁନି ଝିଅର ବିକଳ କ୍ରନ୍ଦନ ।
କ୍ଷୁଧାତୁର ଶିଶୁ ଖୋଜି ବୁଲୁଥାଏ
ମୁଠାଏ ଅନ୍ନ ।।
ନିତି ତାଡନା ଲାଂଛନା ସହୁଥିବା
ଦଳିତର ହୃଦୟର କୋହ ।
ଜମି,ଜଙ୍ଗଲ,ଭିଟାମାଟି ହରେଇଥିବା
ଆଦିବାସୀର ଦି ଧାର ଲୁହ ।।

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